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Luffy D. Monkey

What's registration?

Takes place today.

7:52:27 PM yummymeat: hey chopper!
7:52:45 PM docchopkun: Hey Luffy!
7:52:49 PM yummymeat: so im at the library rite now
7:52:59 PM yummymeat: and i left all mu stuff in the dorm
7:53:15 PM yummymeat: and i forgot to registe rfor any classes
7:53:34 PM yummymeat: so coul d i just stay with you guys again this semester?
7:53:42 PM yummymeat: itll be great! well make smores!
7:54:02 PM docchopkun: Luffy, how did you forget to register?! They totally had flyers and stuff and everything else to remind us!
7:54:17 PM yummymeat: im not really good at remembring things i dont care about
7:54:32 PM yummymeat: i failed all my classes last semester anyway
7:54:44 PM yummymeat: how does that add class thing work?
7:55:03 PM yummymeat: mayeb i cna just copy all the classes i had last sesmters to this one
7:55:07 PM yummymeat: or osmething
7:56:04 PM docchopkun: Luffy, you gotta go talk to the financial aid advisors and stuff- I mean, don't you remember the whole contract thing you had to sign for student loans and stuff? You could totally be in a lot of trouble for not passing any of your classes!
7:56:19 PM yummymeat: uh i funno
7:56:24 PM yummymeat: my mom takes care of tha
7:56:25 PM yummymeat: t
7:56:33 PM yummymeat: she says if i try ill just mess up alll the numbers
7:57:03 PM docchopkun: Isn't she going to flip for you failing?? I mean, that's a lot of money to just waste...
7:57:14 PM yummymeat: yeeeeeeeah probably
7:57:19 PM yummymeat: shell probaby whoop me
7:57:26 PM yummymeat: thats why i cant fail this seemster
7:57:37 PM yummymeat: i think im agoon talk to hanks about it
7:57:58 PM docchopkun: Well.. I mean, if the residential advisors don't catch you, you might be able to stay in housing with the rest of us.
7:58:48 PM yummymeat: WAH REALLY?
7:58:56 PM docchopkun: I think it would be a good opportunity to also get you some tutoring..
7:59:05 PM yummymeat: OOOOOO
7:59:56 PM yummymeat: but what if i cant get in any classeS?
8:01:00 PM yummymeat: oh i haev a class with shanks
8:01:00 PM docchopkun: Well, if you get the tutoring, they might let you take some placement tests and stuff so you CAN register again
8:01:03 PM yummymeat: he said hell add me
8:01:20 PM yummymeat: ooooh
8:01:22 PM yummymeat: but i hate tests
8:02:09 PM docchopkun: Well, if I help you out, I'm sure you'll do just fine!
8:03:16 PM yummymeat: UAU TAHNKS CHOPPER
8:04:13 PM docchopkun: No problem ^^
8:04:21 PM docchopkun: But you DO know I won't let you get off easy on this!
8:04:28 PM docchopkun: This is going to be serious business!
8:04:43 PM yummymeat: this isnt sounding so fun anymore
8:04:51 PM yummymeat: cant we juts have a pizzaparty insead?
8:05:01 PM docchopkun: We can have pizza parties AFTER studying
8:05:37 PM yummymeat: OKAY
8:05:56 PM yummymeat: but cant we just have them instead of stuiying?
8:06:00 PM yummymeat: wouldnt that be cooler?
8:06:21 PM docchopkun: Well, you can't have your cake and eat it too, you know.
8:06:35 PM yummymeat: TEHN WHY WOULD OYU HAVE IT?
8:07:20 PM docchopkun: Luffy, I wasn't being literal
8:07:22 PM docchopkun: It's a quote!
8:07:26 PM yummymeat: from who?
8:09:00 PM docchopkun: Marie Antionette, you know, French Revolution and stuff?
8:09:26 PM yummymeat: no
8:09:36 PM yummymeat: hey im gonn COME HOME OKAY?
8:09:41 PM yummymeat: oops caps lock
8:09:50 PM yummymeat: ILL TALK TO OYU SOON TONY TONY
8:09:55 PM docchopkun: Okay, okay- but I'm still gonna hafta talk to you about studying!
8:10:02 PM yummymeat: okay
8:10:11 PM yummymeat: ill find out what classes im in later
8:10:18 PM yummymeat: SSHANKS IS HELPING E OUT
8:10:21 PM yummymeat: BYE
8:10:27 PM docchopkun: Awesome! Okay! Bye!

7:57:45 PM yummymeat: SAHNKS HSANKS SHANKS!
7:57:52 PM yummymeat: you gotta help me!
7:58:00 PM majikalskanks: What what what
7:58:04 PM majikalskanks: What happened??
7:58:10 PM yummymeat: I FAILED ALL MY LASSES D:
7:58:16 PM majikalskanks: Luffy...
7:58:23 PM yummymeat: and chopers saying thins like abou tmoney and stuff
7:58:40 PM yummymeat: IS IT CLSOED SHANKS?
7:59:06 PM majikalskanks: Yeah, this semester started three weeked ago, Luffy...
7:59:23 PM majikalskanks: Why didn't you tell me or Ben this earlier?
7:59:31 PM majikalskanks: We could've helped you register and stuff.
7:59:40 PM yummymeat: cant i still do that add drop thing where like i talk to a professor and say HEY ADD ME GRUMPY FAE
7:59:44 PM yummymeat: i forgto
8:00:01 PM majikalskanks: Well, damn
8:00:16 PM yummymeat: HANKS CAN I ADD YOUR CLASS?
8:00:24 PM majikalskanks: You probably could try to add the other classes
8:00:25 PM majikalskanks: Hanks?
8:00:29 PM yummymeat: SHANKS
8:00:40 PM majikalskanks: Well, yeah, you could probably add my lecture still
8:00:45 PM yummymeat: THANKS SHANKS
8:00:51 PM majikalskanks: You're gonna hafta make up the work we've done though
8:01:09 PM yummymeat: D: D: D: D:
8:01:31 PM majikalskanks: Luffy, I can't play favorites with you
8:01:33 PM majikalskanks: You know that!
8:01:41 PM yummymeat: DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD:
8:02:26 PM majikalskanks: C'mon now, Luffy, you're a sophomore now, you should be responsible about this college thing!
8:02:38 PM majikalskanks: I wish you could have told me about registering for classes, though
8:02:55 PM yummymeat: im not a sophomore
8:03:00 PM yummymeat: it says oline
8:03:02 PM yummymeat: that im a freshman
8:03:06 PM majikalskanks: ...
8:03:08 PM yummymeat: cause i dont have enough hours finished
8:03:10 PM majikalskanks: Oh yeah, you failed all your classes
8:03:15 PM majikalskanks: Well, damn
8:03:17 PM majikalskanks: You're a freshman
8:03:23 PM yummymeat: yeah
8:03:47 PM majikalskanks: Luffy, you're going to be a freshman forever if you don't get your act together
8:03:55 PM majikalskanks: And you can't ever take my adventure course either, if you keep failing
8:04:06 PM yummymeat: D:
8:04:10 PM yummymeat: I KNOW IM SORRY CHSNKAS
8:04:16 PM yummymeat: I TIRED HARD TOO
8:05:07 PM majikalskanks: Well, you're just going to have to try harder this year and focus on school better, okay?
8:05:45 PM yummymeat: i know iwi ll
8:06:44 PM majikalskanks: Good, I hope so.
8:06:49 PM majikalskanks: I want you to be successful, Luffy
8:07:01 PM yummymeat: i want to be a scucesful luffy too!
8:07:07 PM majikalskanks: Good!
8:07:24 PM majikalskanks: Look, I'll talk to some of the professors and see if you can get into their classes
8:07:31 PM majikalskanks: But this is the only time I'm gonna do it, okay?
8:07:37 PM yummymeat: TAHNKS YOU SHANKS
8:07:43 PM majikalskanks: You're welcome, Luffy
8:07:50 PM majikalskanks: Yes, I know :D
8:07:50 PM yummymeat: better tan ben even
8:07:53 PM majikalskanks: Oh wow
8:07:57 PM majikalskanks: Don't tell him, he might get mad
8:08:10 PM majikalskanks: You just have to promise me to do your work and go to class and everything, okay?
8:08:17 PM yummymeat: i kno w i know
8:08:24 PM yummymeat: chopper said hed help me stufy
8:08:26 PM yummymeat: and eat pizza
8:08:32 PM yummymeat: so ill do bettr
8:08:32 PM majikalskanks: Well, good
8:08:36 PM majikalskanks: I hope he helps you out
8:08:44 PM yummymeat: hes real smart
8:08:52 PM yummymeat: smarter than zoro and sanji combied
8:08:56 PM majikalskanks: Wow.
8:09:00 PM majikalskanks: That's impressive!
8:09:04 PM yummymeat: not really
8:09:09 PM majikalskanks: Hahahaha
8:09:54 PM yummymeat: im gonna go
8:09:56 PM yummymeat: BYE SHANKS
8:09:58 PM majikalskanks: Alright
8:10:02 PM majikalskanks: Goodbye, Luffy
8:10:20 PM yummymeat: BYE
8:10:28 PM majikalskanks: BYE.
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