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[Announcement] New Application

Alright folks, we have a more detailed application for the game now, since our system before was definitely too lax. Here it is in all its glory. ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED.


Name: your pseudonym, nom de plume, nickname, alias, etc.

LJ Name: the LiveJournal screen name you use personally.

Email: the one you actually check. Yes, it has been a problem.

AIM/MSN/YM Screen name(s): It is very useful for all of us if you have one of these three.

Character you’re applying for: (given name first, family name second; if your character does not have a canon family name, please come up with a fitting one.)

Character profile: Please tell me your character's past family-wise, where they're from, whether you think they know any other characters (or, if they've been mentioned in GBU canon or have had a previous player, who they already know), their age and college major and optional minor or, if they are a professor, their subject of choice, how long they have been at GBU, their financial status, overall personality, any details you would like to add. The more in-depth you go, the better.

Prose sample: This is the most important part of the application when it comes down to it. Give me a drabble-length (around 300 words, give or take) example of writing for your character in the GBU universe. Keep other character involvement to a minimum. Example situations could be a student arriving at the university for the first time, a student cleaning their dorm room, a professor pondering lesson plans... anything that is ideal for introspection is wonderful. Use your imagination!

Journal Entry Sample: Here I would like to see how you would write a Livejournal entry for your character. Be expressive in this section, and have some fun. Keep it real, however; this is not a crack game, and going over the top will lose points for you.


All applications must be sent to with the subject line “Golden Bell Application”. This account recieves spam, so I don't want to accidentally delete it.

As for present members, you are required to write up a profile, as seen above in the application, for each of your characters. This will do double duty: it will let the other players easily reference basic information about your character at any time, and it will show me you are still interested in playing this game. If you do not have profiles to me within two weeks, I will cut you from this game and you will have to reapply with the full application if you still desire to play. The profiles shouldn't take long if you know your character. Please email them to or

Any profiles from new members we get will also be displayed for the community.

Please comment here with any questions.
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