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HEY FOLKS! Welcome to the start of another school year!

I know this game has been rather slow lately, but it seemed like whenever I talked to a player about Golden Bell over the summer, they still had enthusiasm for their characters and the plot. Is this still true? I know I'd love to see this game come alive again, but of course the players make everything happen, so it's up to you all!

In order to keep this game moving like it used to, it is necessary to try and have the players who continue to participate produce one log every two weeks. However, we do have some options. Gameplay for GBU does not need to remain the same. If anyone has suggestions for ways that would make gameplay easier and more versatile for players, feel free to comment here and your ideas will be taken into consideration! A couple ideas are having open-action threads where any characters can wander along and join, and being able to begin closed threads on the community journal for Livejournal logging between two or more characters. Getting rid of the character journal aspect or making them optional is another option, since they do take up a lot of time and many people find switching between journals to be annoying.

Also, if you want to continue to participate but find you are short on time, you don't have to keep all the characters you began with. If you want to drop one character and keep another, feel free. Simply send an email to with the word! Similarly, if you would like to drop out of the game completely, send an email as well. DO NOT REMAIN IN THE GAME IF YOU KNOW YOU WILL NOT PARTICIPATE.

Please! Input at this stage is very necessary! GBU has just passed its one-year anniversary, and the voice of the community now is important. Do we want to keep going? Comment here and respond to all the issues brought up in this post and anything else concerning the game that you have on your mind. The game needs your thoughts!
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