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Golden Bell University - A One Piece RPG
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WELCOME to Golden Bell University in sunny California, where an oddball group of students and teachers has formed an intricate social web of friends and enemies, lovers and exes, and nakama. There are tough bitches and ladies of elegance, macho men and fashionable gents. Be warned that since this is in California, there is bound to be a certain amount of gayness; some characters are in the closet, some are total flamers, and some are in-between, so if you aren't down with this, you might want to turn around. The cast is wide and varied, the personalities are terribly flawed, and the adventure is neverending. This is the Golden Bell One Piece Roleplaying Game.


Undergrad Students:
Luffy: meatistreasure, played by kyrakitty
Zoro: thrice_over, played by sporkbotic
Nami: curvy_tangerine, played by mei_yanohi
Usopp: usoppsaurus, played by crocoduck
Sanji: ero_mayuge, played by jadeprince
Chopper: _pinkispimp, played by fauxfaia
Helmeppo: mr_snazzy, played by o0satsuki0o
Yosaku: proudtobeplaid, played by sky_z
Johnny: bounty_johnny, played by wally_kun
Vivi: princess_vivi, played by sherriaisling
Miss Valentine: keylimelaugh, played by kyrakitty
Miss Goldenweek: goldencookie, played by peach_chan
Ace: fire_fist, played by dustyjack
Tashigi: withjustice4all, played by dethorats
Wiper: impacto, played by dustyjack
Laki: xluckyxlakix, played by mei_yanohi
Conis: papaslilangl, played by dustyjack
Lucci: coarse_fur, played by junkeemunky
Kalifa: sekuhara_desu played by kaleic
Shuraiya Bascúd: shovel_sick, played by shuraiya

Grad Students:
Robin: petal_lore, played by sherrymarie
Jango: onetwojango, played by jadeprince
Nojiko: inked_clavicle, played by sacredmonster
Mr. 5: _takefive, played by mei_yanohi
Kohza: sandysuspicions, played by sherrymarie
Bellamy: _best_medicine_ deceased
Sarquiss: sarquiss, played by airairo
Paulie: toxic_bullseye, played by sacredmonster
Kuro, masters student and calc teacher: kuro___neko, played by bamf_girl

Alvida, cosmetology professor: fairestinthesea, played by shuraiya
Shanks, English professor: _tisbutascratch, played by shuraiya
Ben Beckman, history professor: blunderbuss4me, played by dethorats
Mihawk, fine arts professor: coutelas_noire, played by junkeemunky
Smoker, English professor: hunterwhite, played by peach_chan
Crocodile, ex-football coach/business sponsor of GBU: perfidyvantage, played by kikkuma
Wapol, Russian history professor: house_eat_you, played by kaleic
Hina, mathematics professor: hina_amused, played by paxnirvana
Franky, music professor and shop instructor: super_franky, played by peach_chan

Ener, Dean of Students: nootherbeforeme, played by jadeprince
Special Guest: Aisa, Sister of Laki: vearth, played by Lila (miklalik@yahoo.com)

Doflamingo (professor of fashion design and drug lord)
Fullbody (grad student)
Koby (undergrad student)
Blueno (professor of physics)
Aokiji (professor of psychology)
Kaku (law student)
Iceburg (professor-turned-mayor?)
Gonforr (janitor/former dean?)
Any other Baroque Works member (Mr. 2? 3? 9? Doublefinger? Monday?)
Anyone else you can think of


( Contact Chart )

( Player Hiatus List )

TO APPLY: First, check our cast list to make sure the character you want is available. Then go here for our application and, once filled out, send it and any questions to gbu@rioroute.net. I will review it as quickly as possible.

WE DO NEED MORE CHARACTERS, and we need good, strong talent. Please, tell your RPing friends! Extra note: when you write your application, keep in mind the approximate age of the character. Older characters are more likely to be staff members, and if we think a character is older or younger than you portrayed them, we may ask you to change the character to a staff or student, depending. NOT ALL CHARACTERS ARE STUDENTS. Actually, we need more staff.

Extra note #2: YOU MUST BE 17 TO APPLY, AND, TECHNICALLY, TO READ. There are frequent instances of NC-17 rated graphic sex in the writing here, and we won't be held legally responsible for the corruption of minors.

The game is played like this: The player writes prose roleplay logs of events (flirting, classes, arguments, sex) on LJ, over IM, through email, on the Golden Bell forums, or in an IM chat room with multiple characters, and then posts the edited logs to the main comm OR does LJ log writing on the comm page. The player then uses their private character journal to vent the inner frustrations, lustings, and thoughts of her or his character. The player marks privacy level in the title line of each entry, whether public or private, to let other characters know if they can respond. PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO PRIVATE ENTRIES UNLESS IT IS OOC. Character journals will be friended by the comm. As long as a player does enough log writing, she or he doesn't have to write in the char's journal all the time. (But we like lots of journaling! <3)

UPDATE: All entries must be tagged and have a legitimate (short) title in the subject line. If backdated, the date of occurrance must be stated before the lj-cut (also not IN the cut line). Backdates must be as specific as possible. Don't spam the community unnecessarily.

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